Creating an idyllic outdoor space on your residential property is a lot about making sure that you choose the right features and plan the area well. While there are a large number of materials and products available for landscape designs, it is important to use these in a balanced way.

Designing these spaces to ensure they are functional, safe as well as attractive and a value-add is about hiring professionals that would be able to provide customized services. Element Outdoor Design & Build is a premier company in the landscaping space and we cater to clients throughout greater Rolling Hills Estates, Rolling Hills and Rancho Palos Verdes.

Landscaping Ideas

Our expertise and reputation have helped us build a very strong customer base in and around Palos Verdes, Palos Verdes Estates and Redondo Beach. Many property owners in Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach hire us for all their new hardscape installation and landscape upgrade requirements.

We have also successfully completed landscape installations in Torrance, Lomita, and the surrounding areas. As a company that has vast experience in this industry, we know that landscape design isn’t just about installing different types of plants and trees or lawns.

Custom Landscape Design and Planning

Our team of designers is extremely skilled and creative in their approach to any landscaping project we take up. Regardless of whether you want small yard spaces designed and planned or require an expansive landscape installed, we can provide the best solutions. When we are planning these areas, there are a number of aspects we take into consideration such as:

  • The available space
  • The layout of your property
  • Existing features in the landscape
  • Types of plantings, shrubs, trees, and flowers you want
  • Installation of lawn spaces
  • Fire feature plans
  • Water feature installations
  • Paved areas such as driveways, walkways, and pathways
  • Natural stone curbing and edging
  • Retaining wall construction
  • Grading
  • Construction of masonry features such as boundary walls, stone benches and more
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Irrigation and drainage installations
  • Fencing
  • The architectural elements of your home
  • Outdoor structures such as pergolas, decks, patios, pavilions etc.
  • Your styling requirements and budget

Cost-Effective Landscape Plans

Once we have gathered all the information we need about what your specific needs and styling requirements are, we start on the design of your landscape. In addition to functionality and aesthetics, we also prioritize aspects such as low maintenance and cost efficiency. We also recommend the use of drought-resistant plants and shrubs, as this can make your landscape more water-efficient. Our team will focus on including LED outdoor lighting, as this can help improve the energy efficiency of the outdoor areas.

As you can see, we adopt a highly focused approach to landscape design and planning. On our team are expert stone masons, hardscaping specialists, and arborists that work in tandem to provide solutions to create sustainable and attractive landscapes on your property.

We at Element Outdoor Design & Build are committed to providing clients with the best services at the most competitive landscaping cost. If you are looking for top quality landscape design and planning solutions, we are the company to call. Feel free to contact our experts at this number - 310-539-3050 or send us your project details via this Contact Us form.

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